Suggested Menus

The following aspects have been considered in the menus that follow:

  • All the first courses contain potatoes, in different proportions, with the exception of those which state that they have been excluded.
  • In the first courses, where food quantities are expressed in grams, the water used in their preparation has not been included.
  • The creamed soups featured in the dinner main courses, contain a triangle of cream cheese, (preferably low fat) among the ingredients, making them more creamy and nutritious.
  • The sauces and stews are all made from fresh ingredients, using olive oil.
  • The salt used is iodised salt.

It is important to remember that no food group should be omitted, as none is complete in terms of nutritional content.  Furthermore, eating more foods from one group than another, such as energy foods, (carbohydrates), causes the excess to be accumulated in the form of fat, giving rise to overweight and obesity.

These menus serve as a guide to a range of foods, preparations and combinations that may be substituted in order to obtain a balanced diet.

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