Protein is a dynamic group of foods involved in growth, development and repair of organs and tissue (1 gram provides 4 kilocalories).

Meat is an important source of highly digestible (95%), high biological value protein. Foods with a higher content of fat take longer to digest. It is recommended that meat be eaten three or four times a week.

Protein may be categorised according to its fat content as follows:

these provide 10 g of protein, only 5 g of fat and around 85 calories.

  • 50 g rabbit, quail, lean lamb, chicken, lean veal, liver, kidney, partridge, lean pork, blue fish, smoked meats, freshly conserved fish, cooked ham, turkey, cheese spread triangles, pots of Petit Suisse, eggs.
  • 70 g white fish, shellfish, curd, cottage cheese.
  • 100 g low fat cheese (fresh, white cheese), cockles, clams, squid, mussels, octopus, cuttlefish, oysters, vieiras.

provide 8 g of fat and approximately 110 kilocalories.

  • 50 g minced meat with some fat, serrano ham, chicken, Burgos cheese, mozzarella, sliced processed cheese, cheese spread.

provides 13 g of fat and around 160 kilocalories.

  • 50 g pork chops, lamb chops, duck, goose.
  • 60 g Spanish sausage.
  • 40 g Sliced continental sausage, chopped pork.
  • 25 g bacon, paté.
  • 50 g Camembert cheese, goat´s cheese, Cabrales cheese, Emmental cheese, Gruyère cheese, Manchego cheese, cheese triangles, Parmesan cheese.


Fish contains high quality protein, and, in general, has a lower calorific value than meat. Its digestibility is 90-98% and it´s more easily digested than meat. Depending upon the type of fat, fish may be classified as follows: blue fish (more than 5 mg of fat/gram), or white fish (less than 5 mg of fat/gram). Fish oil is high in polyunsaturated fatty acids, one of which is omega 3, related to the prevention of cardiovascular diseases. It is, therefore, recommended that that more fish than meat be eaten. Seafood has little fat, but is higher in cholesterol, particularly shellfish, and should, therefore, be eaten less frequently.

Eggs are an excellent food, given their content of protein, iron, and vitamins A and D. They are 92% digestible. Four to five eggs should be eaten a week.

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